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What is The In Trive?

I created The In Trive as a place for people like you to find their Inspired Thriving Tribe. 

I’m an actress, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and so much more. When I first shared my story in the one-woman performance Michael’s Daughter, I was overwhelmed by the number of people who expressed that it made them feel seen. It made me understand that sharing my raw vulnerability has the ability to foster connection with my fans, viewers, friends, and family. Which could ultimately create community. 

I realized the power of sharing our stories and so I wanted to give that special bond a home. And this is how The In Trive was created. For you and I this is that place of sharing and connecting. 

Empowering Stories. Delicious Recipes. Fashion. Entertainment. Beauty.

If it inspires you and helps you thrive, The In Trive is the right space for it. 

If you dare to evolve, connect, and spread light in this world, I invite you to join us. I’m glad you found us. So welcome to your Inspired Thriving Tribe. 

In Joy,

Tribe Agreements

Every tribe has understandings that help its members thrive. Here at The In Trive, we pride ourselves on creating a safe space of joy and authenticity. And of course, inspiring others and thriving together! 


This is a place where we cultivate gratitude and savor the good, practices that are shown to enhance joy and meaning in life. 


We keep it real here. We recognize the only way to truly connect with others is by being vulnerable. We’re sweet, but we won’t sugarcoat our experiences. We invite you to be yourself with us too. 


Everyone is welcome here. Everyone belongs. If you’re committed to non-judgment and respecting others, welcome aboard! 

Take a Look Around 

Now that we’ve got the introductions out of the way, new friend, I’m excited to give you the tour! 

Come on in! Stay as long as you’d like!


Let’s get to know each other better. Peek inside my journal (Don’t worry. You have my permission!) or read about wellness, beauty, and other fabulous and fun topics.

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Keep shining, 

The In Trive 

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