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Hey, my name’s Ciera Payton. And after breaking into the world of Hollywood acting, I’ve now turned my sights onto helping others do the same.

So join me and hundreds of others as we inspire, motivate, and guide each other through our careers!

The In Trive Hive

Join the In Trive Hive with this exclusive monthly meet-up where we work together to improve our performances, ignite our passion, and spark out motivation with the ‘Creative You Course’.

Tea Talks

Tune in with a cup of your favorite hot liquid as we discuss the entertainment industry, meet successful & up-and-coming creatives, share insider information and tips, and answer your questions live!

Courses and Workshops

If you’re the ‘hands-on’ kind of person, then this is where you should be looking. Ciera and her team have created some fantastic courses and workshops to help creatives move the needle in their careers.