Hi There! My Name's Ciera Payton

and The In Trive is a collaborative and artistic lifestyle platform for individuals like you to find your Inspired Thriving Tribe.

I’m an actress, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and so much more. When I first shared my story in my one-woman performance Michael’s Daughter, I was overwhelmed by the number of people who expressed how visible my story made them feel.

It was powerful seeing how sharing my story and being vulnerable on stage allowed me to connect with a wide audience of supporters, viewers, friends, and family. That’s when I had my light bulb or “Ah-Ha” Oprah moment.

Why not curate an inclusive community that does more than just inspire those who want to be a part of the creative industry? How can I create a space, a community, a cadre of artists, dreamers, creative entrepreneurs where they are encouraged to thrive and light a spark in this world?