Influencer-approved Beauty and Fashion Brands

In the realm of beauty and fashion, influencers have not only shaped trends but have also launched their own brands, leaving a significant mark on the industry.

These influencer-approved and -created brands are celebrated for their innovation, inclusivity, and connection with audiences.

Here’s a deep dive into some of the most notable influencer-founded beauty and fashion brands, alongside a look at influencers who are driving the industry forward.

Influencer-Founded Beauty Brands

Huda Kattan of Huda Beauty transformed her passion for makeup into a cosmetic empire, recognized for high-quality products that cater to diverse beauty needs. Huda Beauty stands out for its extensive range of products, including the highly acclaimed eyeshadow palettes and foundation lines designed for all skin tones​​.

Michelle Phan, one of the original beauty vloggers, founded EM Cosmetics. After taking a brief hiatus, Phan returned to the beauty scene, revitalizing her brand with a focus on innovative products that emphasize natural beauty and self-expression​​.

Anastasia Soare, renowned for her expertise in eyebrow shaping and makeup, founded Anastasia Beverly Hills, a brand celebrated for its precision in beauty products and high-quality formulations. Known particularly for revolutionizing eyebrow products, Anastasia Beverly Hills also offers a wide range of cosmetics including eyeshadows, lipsticks, and contour kits, establishing itself as a major player in the beauty industry.

Fashion Influencers Making an Impact

Chiara Ferragni, a pioneer in the fashion blogging world, leveraged her massive online following to build a fashion line under her name. Ferragni’s brand has become synonymous with playful, chic designs that reflect her personal style and charisma​​.

Leonie Hanne has carved out a niche in luxury fashion, collaborating with high-profile brands and even designing capsule collections. Her influence extends beyond Instagram, shaping fashion trends and consumer preferences​​.

The Power of Influence

Influencers like Nikkie De Jager and Nabela Noor have used their platforms for more than just brand endorsements.

De Jager champions empowerment and authenticity through her makeup tutorials, while Noor challenges beauty standards, advocating for body positivity and inclusivity​​.

Desi Perkins, another influencer-turned-entrepreneur, launched Dezi Skin, emphasizing skincare that enhances natural beauty.

Perkins’s journey from makeup tutorials to skincare showcases the evolving landscape of influencer brands​​.

The Future of Influencer Brands

As the beauty and fashion industries continue to evolve, influencer-founded brands are poised for growth, driven by authentic connections with audiences and a deep understanding of consumer desires.

These brands, built on the principles of inclusivity, innovation, and personal expression, are reshaping how we think about beauty and fashion.

Influencers have proven that with the right mix of authenticity, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit, it’s possible to transition from content creators to brand founders, impacting the industry in meaningful ways.

As these influencer-approved brands continue to grow, they’re set to redefine beauty and fashion standards, making a lasting impact on the industry.


In conclusion, the influence of social media personalities in the beauty and fashion sectors is undeniable. They’ve not only endorsed products but have created spaces where their audiences can explore their identities through beauty and fashion.

Whether it’s through launching their own lines or collaborating with established brands, influencers are at the forefront of industry innovation, guiding trends, and shaping consumer preferences.


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