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At The In Trive, we believe that every artist and creative has the potential to achieve greatness. Our mission is to provide the resources, community, and inspiration needed to unlock your full creative potential. Join us and embark on a transformative journey of self-expression and artistic growth. As a woman of color, Ciera understands the importance of media that reflects real human experiences. While performing her one-woman show, Michael’s Daughter, Ciera had the opportunity to share her personal life experiences that resonated with a diverse audience. With each story shared, challenging or lighthearted, a sense of community began to blossom as Ciera and others opened themselves up to each other. Ciera knew this community deserves a place to connect, find inspiration, and feel at home. Desiring to give that special bond a home, Ciera created The In Trive, a space for young women and men to celebrate diversity and inclusivity through empowering stories, delicious recipes, the latest fashion & beauty trends, entertainment, and wellness recommendations. The In Trive is committed to educating, elevating, and inspiring anyone who visits.

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We cover a wide range of topics regarding the entertainment industry, along with providing in depth conversations about personal growth, career advice, and how our mental well-being is key to our creative paths and healthy lives. Check out our podcasts conveniently wherever you are while commuting, exercising, or looking for creative inspiration. Our episodes are your ideal companions to fuel personal and professional growth, while keeping you entertained and inspired. Let’s embark on this thriving journey together.


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