Nurturing Creativity: Jen Kleiner & Ciera Payton on Self-Care for Artists | The In Trive Talks

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The In Trive
Nurturing Creativity: Jen Kleiner & Ciera Payton on Self-Care for Artists | The In Trive Talks


🌟 Welcome to a profound episode of 'The In Trive Talks,' where I, Ciera Payton, engage in enriching conversations with visionaries reshaping the creative world. Today, I'm thrilled to have the extraordinary Jen Kleiner, an American Coach & Consultant, IFS Practitioner, Co-Founder of @ifsla, and a Filmmaker, join us to delve into “The Artist and Self-care.” 🎭✨

🎨 In this episode, we explore:

– The pivotal role of self-care in enhancing artistic creativity and productivity. Jen shares her insights on integrating wellness practices into the daily lives of creatives.
– The synergy between mental health and artistic expression. We discuss how understanding and nurturing your inner world can fuel your creative endeavors.
– Practical advice for artists at all stages in their journey to incorporate self-care strategies that resonate with their unique needs and creative processes.

🚀 What to Expect:
– Inspirational stories from Jen's extensive experience working with artists and creatives.
– Valuable tips from both Jen and me on building a sustainable creative life through mindful self-care.
– A Q&A segment addressing common challenges artists face in maintaining their well-being.

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