Whole Health, Whole Creativity: Jocelyn Harrison & Ciera Payton Explore Wellness | The In Trive

The In Trive
The In Trive
Whole Health, Whole Creativity: Jocelyn Harrison & Ciera Payton Explore Wellness | The In Trive

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🌟 Welcome to a fresh episode of 'The In Trive Talks,' where I, Ciera Payton, dive into discussions that matter. Today, I'm thrilled to be joined by Jocelyn Harrison, an esteemed American Nutritionist, to unravel the connections between nourishing your mind, body, and creativity. 🍏🎭

🧠💪🎨 In this episode, we explore:

– The vital link between daily nutrition and your creative output.
– How mental and physical health contribute to artistic energy and expression.
– Tips from Jocelyn on easy ways to integrate healthier habits that boost both well-being and creativity.

🚀 What to Expect:

– Jocelyn's expert insights on nutrition that specifically benefits creatives.
– Real-life examples of how changes in diet and lifestyle can transform artistic productivity and satisfaction.
– Practical advice for making sustainable health choices that empower your creative journey.

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