Living Gear White Sage Smudge Spray to Clear Negative Energy & Purify Any Space – A Smoke-Free Remedy to Burning Smudge Sticks – Crystal Infused & Reiki Charged

  • CLEANSES & REMOVES NEGATIVE ENERGY from your home, office, body & sacred objects without burning sage or incense.
  • CLEAR AND PURIFY ANY SPACE – Use in your home, office, school and car when smoke and ashes is not convenient. Clear & balance your aura and chakras.
  • PURE WHITE SAGE – Our white sage essential oil is grown & harvested in the desert of southern California and steam-distilled for a pure, sacred smudging experience.
  • CRYSTAL INFUSED – Real chakra crystals are in every bottle to uplift and amply positive energy.
  • HAND-MADE WITH LOVE in recyclable and reusable glass bottles and charged with healing energy by a certified Reiki Master.
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