Unveiling My 2023: A Year of Leaps, Love, and Miracles

As I stand at the brink of 2024, reflecting on the whirlwind that was 2023, I can’t help but marvel at the incredible journey it turned out to be. For me, an Aquarius who tends to cling to comfort, this past year became a story of breaking free from the familiar.

In the span of nearly 365 days, I found myself navigating uncharted territories—buying a home, saying “I do” to Aaron, juggling the growth of The Michael’s Daughter Foundation, and expanding The In Trive. The acting gigs, from Love and Murder: Atlanta Playboy to a hush-hush project, demanded quick decisions and spontaneous leaps.

Amidst these changes, I had some honest talks with myself, those “get off the pot” conversations. It wasn’t easy, but I rallied and whispered, “Come on Ciera, let’s go!” No more metaphors—this year was about action.

Let’s talk finances. The mere thought of big financial decisions triggered an age-old fear, rooted in a childhood of going without. The freelance artist’s anxiety crept in—the uncertainty of when the next gig would come. However, I challenged myself to be on a mission to silence those fears and embrace the belief that opportunities will keep flowing.

2023 served as a crash course in mindset mastery. Confronting those nagging doubts became crucial. A prime example? The Michael’s Daughter Foundation. Just a year ago, I contemplated closing it down due to financial setbacks. But a shift in perspective led to a cascade of miracles—we secured nearly $100K in funding and impacted 53 youth through empowering filmmaking programs. My jaw is still on the ground at witnessing how this organization has changed in just over one year!

On the personal front, 2023 saw me walking down the aisle or the side of my house LOL! Aaron, my caring and intelligent husband, made our backyard ceremony the epitome of perfection. It was low-key, just like an Aquarius would prefer, and every moment was magical.

So, here’s my revelation: Life’s adventures lie beyond our fears and financial worries. Sharing my journey isn’t about boasting but about showcasing the power of the mind and the miracles that unfold when you take the leap and refuse to give up.

As we step into 2024, I’m keeping this newfound energy, and I urge you to do the same. Wishing you a Happy New Year, filled with love, leaps, and countless miracles!

Xoxo, Ciera


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