Be Kind To Yourself

We’re only a few weeks into 2022 and some of us are still full of gusto with all of the resolutions and to-dos that we have jotted down to complete by the end of this year. While others are feeling a little guilty for missing that workout or getting a little off course this week. Whatever side you fall on; busy bee, early bird, go-getter or just trying to do your best, I’m here to tell you to be easy on yourself.

I was reminded about that, this morning. I woke up reflecting on the past year(s), mistakes, my lists of shoulds and shouldn’ts. I was about to spiral into a “you’re not good enough” hole. And I thought about these things:

  1. I’m doing the best I can do.
  2. I’m not perfect.
  3. My intentions are good.
  4. I can’t do it all in one day.
  5. And I’ve never done this life before.

As I drove around doing my list of errands, today, one of which included going to the dentist, the above list rang so loud and so true. We are all doing our best, so give yourself grace for any little hiccup. Accept your imperfections. Honor your good intentions in any mistake. Rome wasn’t built in a day. And yes, think about the fact that in this very moment, or with any given first experience, you’re living this life for the very first time. So we can’t possibly get it right all the time.

As we journey through this year, please keep the above in mind. Yes, there are ways to improve ourselves and there are intentions we can set to do so, but if you go off course or bump up against a challenge, please be kind to yourself. Take a breath, hug yourself, smile, and keep on going. I promise you, you got this!




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