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The In Trive. Why?

I love telling stories and I love listening to stories of people who fascinate me and who can share some expert knowledge or different perspectives on life. I also love being able to share and recommend things, places, and people that play a role in bringing some light into this world. And I wanted to open up a little to you, my fellow intriver, and welcome you into my world by providing tips, tools, and insights on how I intend to live. So, I created The In Trive; a blogzine where I share about my lifestyle, my journey, and invite others to do the same.

What is The In Trive?

When thinking of a name for this blogzine, I wanted to create something that meant bringing people together in a collective and uplifting way. The words inspire, tribe, and thrive kept popping up in my mind. And voila! The In Trive was created. Of course, trive, isn’t a new word, but here it has a different meaning. This space is meant for you, the reader, to be inspired to thrive and join the tribe of others doing the same.

I’m so excited that you are here! And it is my full intention to make this space on the internet, a sacred space, where we share, learn, and grow, together. I’ll share many personal stories as I see fit. And I’ll seek out information and knowledge from my tribe to bring to you. We’ll all come together and provide a space of entertainment, joy, education, and connection.

So please, peruse this site with the same compassion and mindfulness. Together, we can make this space something amazing and create monumental change! Thank you for being here. And in the meantime, please stay safe, healthy, and above all, stay…

In Joy,

Ciera Payton


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Actress & Creator of The In Trive

Welcome to The In Trive!
A place for the Inspired Thriving Tribe
The In Trive is a lifestyle brand founded by actress Ciera Payton. We are here to help inspire and motivate you by sharing commentary on unique finds; from personal uplifting stories to nutrient-rich recipes to fashion buys to non-toxic beauty products. We cover it all and by doing so we hope to help you thrive. Welcome to our tribe!
In Joy,

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