How I Got Bit By The Acting Bug

Happy New Year The In Trive! 

As mentioned in my Year-End post, I’ve been busy working on my YouTube Channel: Ciera Payton on YouTube. It’s been such a blast sharing with everyone all of the ins and outs of the Hollywood entertainment industry from my perspective and how I’ve navigated it all. 

Wanted to pop on here to share with you some show notes from my first YouTube video so you can get a grasp on my background as an actor and hopefully gain some insight on how you can get started in the biz!

In this first episode of how I got into the entertainment industry, I share my story of how I started acting. I talk about the earliest play that I was involved in, the biggest catalyst in getting into arts, how the family supported me in my acting career, and where the acting bug really bit me. Tune in to learn more about this and other exciting topics!


[00:39] The story behind my YouTube Channel

[02:08] The earliest play that I was involved in

[03:29] The biggest catalyst in getting into arts

[05:08] How the family supported me in my acting career

[06:45] Life in McDonogh 15

[07:12] Where the acting bug bit me

[08:22] My first official experience of doing a play and being on stage

[10:01] How I got into The NOCCA Institute

[11:35] How The NOCCA Institute nurtured my serious in acting

Notable quotes:

  • “I started my YouTube channel to create a space where I share all about my background, my lifestyle as an actress, entrepreneur, and educator and hope to help you along your journey.”
  • “The NOCCA Institute was incredible and was the springboard for me to really dig my heels in and say I am an actor.”

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