Introducing His and Her Money

In the spirit of Financial Literacy Month, we’d like to introduce you to Talaat and Tai McNeely, creators of, a website geared toward educating readers on basic financial literacy. 

What’s even more significant about this duo is that they married into debt, worked through financial infidelity, and within a year of clearing their financial burdens became millionaires. 

Whether you’re single, preparing for your next partner, or in a serious relationship, you can learn how to manage your money and build your financial education.

About His and Her Money

What makes this couple relatable is that although they were in love, financial differences threatened to ruin them. They had tough money conversations, discovered what their financial values were, compared credit scores, and were left with a lingering question.

How can we get on the same page financially?

After putting in the financial work needed, they managed to not only talk about money while dating but found their way to marriage.  Now they run a business that informs people, who are just starting to learn basic financial literacy, how they can advance their money moves and financial goals. 

How to Gain Control of Your Money and Not Let it Control You

His and Her Money is the perfect addition to your financial literacy resources because they have multiple ways of presenting facts about money. They offer various platforms to help you on your finance journey through their Blog, Podcast, and YouTube channel. What better way to educate yourself, on what you didn’t learn growing up than to indulge in a way that is interesting to you?

Not only do they show you what financial habits you should do but they outline habits you should avoid. 

It’s easy to get caught up in trying to figure out which experts to follow based on their promise of having the magic formula. But with you learn how to analyze your current circumstances and dream big about the future. They help encourage couples and individuals to use basic financial literacy to make a lifestyle shift. 

His and Her Money System

This personal finance website offers a five-phase money plan that is best for people looking for guidance who are ready to take control of their finances.

Phase 1 – Assess

Taking financial inventory is the only way to reach your financial goals. In this step, Talaat and Tai assist you with stepping back and seeing exactly where you are so you can move forward. 

Wanting to save $10,000 in a year is an amazing goal. Yet, only possible when you notice what you spend money on and what financial habits have prevented you from already reaching this. 

Phase 2 – Order

This is where you take action based on the state of your finances. Do you need to tackle debt, increase your income, let go of financial baggage, or get to know what you value in life?

Phase 2 allows you to decide where you’d like to start.

Phase 3 – Implement

See where you are, what you want to do, and figure out how you can do it.  Setting financial goals and reaching them is possible when you create a plan with realistic steps.

Phase 4 – Multiply

Shaping your money habits to fit what you want to achieve is crucial to financial success. The big question is how can you make your money work for you? Sound financial investments are not optional for financial success.

Phase 5 – Dominion

Ultimately, we all want to build a legacy. 

Once you tap into your financial power you will be able to create generational wealth that allows poverty, struggle, and everything else that may have held you back as a child to end. 


Celebrating Financial literacy month is a great way to engage in education and meet new content creators. We could all use motivation and a boost in our financial confidence from time to time. Check out for more information on how it is you can take dominion and revolutionize your finances. And be sure to follow them on Instagram and subscribe to their Youtube Channel for daily tips and motivation.


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