J-Lo: Her Legacy, More Than Just Music and Film

Jennifer Lynn Lopez, a household name. Sometimes, better known as just J-Lo. Or, if you are familiar with her hit 2002 song, then maybe you refer to her as “Jenny from the block.”

Lopez was born in July 1969 into a strict Catholic, Peurto Rican home. Lopez grew up attending Catholic school and mass weekly. There was always a lot of music in her home growing up, and this influenced her and her two sisters to sing, and dance.

By the time Lopez was 20, she had already acquired her first professional job touring Europe as a member of the chorus for Golden Musicals of Broadway.

Fast forward to 2007 and Lopez is starring in the biopic Selena. According to Wikipedia, Lopez is the first Latina actress to earn $1 million. In the same year, Lopez also worked on a film by the name of Bordertown which highlighted the femicide in Ciudad Juárez. She was honoured with the Artists for Amnesty prize for her work. According to Post Bulletin, Lopez is quoted as saying that femicide is, “one of the world’s most shocking and disturbing, underreported crimes against humanity.” Femicide is a hate crime against females, where females are intentionally killed due to their gender.

Lopez also launched the Lopez Family Foundation. Lopez and her sister Lynda launched the foundation after Lopez had a health scare with her daughter Emme. The realization that not all mothers and children had access to proper medical coverage was a wake-up call to Lopez and prompted her to start the foundation. Together, they aim to provide underprivileged women and children with healthcare services. Offering them a telemedicine program, as well as a partnership with the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital. The foundation has been operating since 2009 and has helped expand many medical facilities including some in Panama, Peurto Rico, and the Bronx.

Lopez with her Twins Emme Maribel Muniz and Maximilian David Muniz

In addition to her support of women and children, Lopez is also a fierce supporter of the LGBTQ2+ community and in July 2016 released a collaboration with Lin-Manuel Miranda. The single titled, “Love Make The World Go Round” benefited victims of the Orlando nightclub shooting.

Lopez remains active in her humanitarian work, and speaks fiercely when it comes to women’s rights and privileges. As a Latina in the film and music industry, she has broken barriers and has overcome obstacles and continues to do so.

So, whatever name you call her by, the charitable works she has led and continues to lead, and her ongoing support to the female community worldwide will be her legacy.

This month is Women’s History Month and here at The In Trive we wanted to take a moment to commemorate some amazing women who are doing extordinary things! Our in-house contributor Kelsey Erynn helps us highlight these special women along with sharing some lessons that we all can learn from them. Check it out and enjoy! xoxo – CP



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