3 Looks By Lily From The Oval That You Need

Tyler Perry’s hit series, The Oval, is currently one of the top shows on BET and BET +. And Lilly Winthrop, played by the gorgeous Ciera Payton, is not only famous for her controversial role but her amazing outfits in every scene. Hardworking, independent, and focused, Lilly Winthrop is married to the Chief of Staff and an accomplished fashion designer.

She also gets the opportunity to design and style the first lady on numerous occasions. She’s truly a great representation of what it means to work for whatever you want. Although we can go on and on about how relatable and inspiring Lilly is, we need to delve into her style and exquisite fashion options.

Thanks to the wardrobe designer, Raiyonda Vereen, and the lead Seamstress Diane “Ms. Dee” Harriday, we are always intrigued by Lilly’s stunning outfits. Whether it’s casual, formal, or nighttime attire, Lily always understood the assignment. 

Here are three looks that you should think about adding to your collection;


Every woman needs a black dress. Whether it’s long, short, or just below the knee, you can never go wrong with a black dress. We absolutely love this dress for two reasons; the first is that it is chic and sophisticated, and the second is the details. 

The buttons and ruffles have a nice way of elevating this simple gown and making your silhouette look much better. The thigh slit also adds to the elegance and it’s located at the right point where it doesn’t reveal too much as you strut.

This black dress can be worn for formal events (as she wears it in the white house) or you can add a blazer for a casual-formal outing.


Suits might not be your first choice of outfits but having one in your closet isn’t a bad idea. And you don’t have to go with the conventional style that looks very serious. Lily’s suit isn’t just fashionable and chic, but also fits the code of the white house. 

The crisp three-quarter top pairs well with the flared pants for the right balance and the lace camisole adds a touch of sexiness to the overall outfit. 


As much as you need black formal wear, there’s nothing wrong with rocking colors once in a while. This Pink detailed gown is the perfect way to introduce color into your collection of formal clothes. The detailed portion in the front of the dress is all you need to turn heads.

Plus, the shoulder pads elevate the entire look and since it is a style that is timeless, why not get into it? And if you’re wondering if this shade of pink is for you, the answer is yes! This shade is flattering to Black women of all skin tones.

There you have it, three outfits by Lily that you need in your closet. Formal wear might not be your style, but these options work because they are versatile, chic, and fashionable.

Which of these looks is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Be sure to tune to Tyler Perry’s “The Oval” every Tuesday at 9/8c only on BET.



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