The InTrive’s Holiday Gift Guide for Health, Beauty, and Wellness 

Tis the season to find the perfect gifts for your friends and family. With the holidays right around the corner, it can feel overwhelming to look for a gift that will be meaningful. So, your search stops here! These are ten of InTrive’s favorite gift recommendations to wrap up this season!

The Love Bracelet

The Love Bracelet From My Saint My Hero

These beautiful bracelets are handwoven in Medjugorje, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, and each delicate medal is crafted in Italy. Not only will this bracelet be a stunning addition to your loved one’s jewelry collection, but the proceeds from each bracelet go towards a good cause. Caitlin and John Stamos have partnered with My Saint My Hero so that every bracelet helps the ChildHelp organization prevent child abuse. So, share the love this holiday season by giving the gift of the Love Bracelet. 

Gold Signet Ring

Gold Signet Ring From Etsy

If your loved one likes their jewelry pieces to be practical and delicate, this gold signet ring is a perfect gift. It will warm their heart with its intricate sun pattern while also providing the option to stack with other correlating rings. This handmade brass ring is handcrafted in Israel and shipped directly to your door. Wrap up this little ray of sunshine to remind your loved one to embrace love and light this season. 

Aromatic Spray

Palo Santa Spray From Amazon

This spray is perfect for spritzing on your bedsheets, your yoga mat, your linens, or around your room to clear the air and fill your space with a clean and fresh scent. This spray is filled with naturally sourced essential oils that provide a great non-toxic alternative to burning incense. The mist is an excellent stocking stuffer for any loved one who is sensitive to traditional chemical-filled fragrances but loves keeping their home fresh and filled with good energy.  

Beautysphere Essentials Skincare 

Beautysphere Essentials Skincare From Lil Fox

This skincare kit is the perfect gift for the loved one in your life who loves keeping their skin dewy and fresh. The kit includes a honey mask, a botanical cleanser, a hydrating rose facial mist, and a skin-perfecting serum. With organic ingredients and luxurious scents, this skincare regimen provides the perfect self-care ritual to start the new year. This set will bring a radiating complexion and a calm spirit in no time. 

Goddess Amulet Necklace

Goddess Amulet From AlchemybyLA

For the spiritual person in your life, this amulet boosts feelings of good energy and peaceful vibes. This beautiful pendant is plated in 18k gold, giving it a rich luster and a luxurious look. In addition, the amulet is inscribed with Hebrew characters that focus on love, healing, and femininity. Hanging on an 18-inch chain, this necklace is a beautiful gift to bless that woman in your life with a reminder to lean into everything that makes her true to herself. 

Repair & Brighten Skincare Set

Repair & Brighten Gift Set from Laurel Skin

This skincare set is a fantastic gift for anyone in your life who could use a pick-me-up. Laurel is known for curating slow farmed products from seed to bottle so that every drop you place on your skin is filled with rich ingredients and free from toxins. The repair and brighten set includes a radiant glow cleanser, a hydrating elixir, a sun repair serum, and a skin brightening mask. Each product is placed with care inside a hand-foiled box alongside a mask bowl made by a potter exclusively for this collection and a fan treatment brush with vegan bristles and a wooden handle made from reforested land. This set is made specially to treat sun-damaged skin with natural ingredients.

One Hope California Brut

One Hope California Brut

What is a holiday party without a bottle of bubbly? This sparkling champagne makes a gorgeous hostess gift that she can pop open and share with her guests. Of course, there’s no better way to celebrate than with a heartfelt toast. What’s even better than the taste of this sparkling wine is the knowledge that it’s a gift with a good cause behind it. One Hope is a brand that cares about making the world a better place. This holiday season, a portion of the proceeds from each bottle goes towards grants to help families with special needs. Now that’s something to celebrate!

Gold Chain Cuff Bracelet

Chain Bracelet from Give Back Goods

If there’s a woman in your life who loves to help women worldwide, this bracelet is the perfect gift. The bracelet itself is a cuff made to fit a variety of wrist sizes, with a simple gold design that is versatile to match any outfit. What’s even better is that the fashionista in your life can know that the purchase of her new jewelry went towards helping free girls around the world from exploitation and sex trafficking. The Give Back Goods brand is all about making gifts that will have a lasting impact. So, every time your loved one looks at her chain bracelet, she can remember that girls across the globe are experiencing freedom and true dignity. 

Beautiful Potted Plant

Beautiful Potted Plant From Leon & George

For the plant mom in your life, give the gift of a living thing to breathe life into her home. Every space can use a little more greenery, and this lush beauty is the perfect gift for anyone on your list who loves to make their home aesthetic fresh. This rubber tree plant is easy to care for and has hearty leaves with a gorgeous waxy finish. Grown to endure the test of time, this plant comes in a curated pot with a classic design. In addition, every Leon & George plant comes with a moisture meter to ensure proper watering and lifetime access to the plant doctor so all your treatment questions can be answered. This is the perfect gift for the plant-lover in your life and will last for years to come!

Silk Sheet Set

Silk Sheet Set From Lilly Silk

Nothing screams luxury and relaxation like a silk sheet set. And this set ensures top-quality materials that will not only feel wonderful on the skin but benefit your loved one’s sleep habits because of how soft they are to the touch. Choose from a variety of colors and sizes so that these sheets fit like a glove and feel like a cloud. If you’ve got a loved one who loves to nap and never sacrifices her beauty sleep, this is the perfect gift. She will thank you every time she snuggles up against these silky sheets and drifts off to sleep more effortlessly than ever before. 

Candle Gift Set

Candle Gift Set From Wolf and Badger

This holiday candle gift set is both visually appealing and aromatically stimulating. The gift box set includes three refillable holiday candles with festive holiday scents. Made with essential oils and natural waxes, these candles are cruelty-free, vegan, and free from synthetic materials or toxic fragrances. They are artisan-crafted, and both the candles and their packaging are environmentally friendly. You’ll feel good knowing you gave a gift that was both kind to the earth and pleasant to the senses. Help your loved one relax with all the aromatherapy benefits of this candle set!  

With this list of gift ideas under your belt, you’re fully equipped to be the best gift-giver in the family this holiday season! Give your loved ones the gifts they won’t stop talking about for years to come. With this list of my holiday favorites, your loved ones will start the new year with good energy, wellness, and relaxation!


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