6 Black Female Fashion Icons From All Generations Who Are Paving the Way

If there’s one thing about black female celebrities, they’re always going to show up and show out when it comes to style. 

There are more than a few black women out there influencing the masses with their OOTDs, but in honor of Black History Month, we thought it’d be the perfect time to shine a spotlight on a few black women who’ve pushed the culture forward with their style, grace, and sophistication. 

So, if you need a dose of inspiration this Black History Month, or any month, here are six women you can look to for just that: 

1. Diana Ross 

Entering stage right, we have the dream girl… literally. What’s so iconic about Diana Ross’s style is that no matter how much it has evolved since her rise to stardom in the ‘60s, every look is memorable and glam in its own right. 

2. Cicely Tyson 

The beloved late actor Cicely Tyson is the mother of ageless style. No matter the era, Cicely Tyson found a way to evolve her personal style with it. Her most memorable looks gave us glamor, poise, and an elegance that’s unmatched. 

3. Meghan Markle 

Now that following British protocols are a thing of the past for Meghan Markle, she has served us the preppy “it” girl looks that just can’t get any better. With modest dresses swapped out for fierce pantsuits and classic looks that have tons of blogs dedicated just to them, we expect Meghan will continue to be a style icon to look out for. 

4. Diahann Carroll 

Actor and singer Diahann Carroll was a fashion pioneer whose many iconic looks were ahead of her time. Her style has long been praised as timeless and classy, and with her beautiful hair and elegant attires, it’s safe to say that she only grew more fashionable and noteworthy with age. 

5. Lupita Nyong’o

No one does color better than actor Lupita Nyong’o. Don’t get us wrong, she looks great in everything, but her elegant signature style is absolutely marked by her use of bright colors and patterns. It wouldn’t be a red carpet without seeing Lupita dressed to the nines in a beautiful, bright gown. 

5. Zendaya 

It’s not uncommon to see Zendaya referred to as a style chameleon, and that’s because she is. This young actor clearly has fun with her fashion, and it’s a pleasure to see how her style evolves as she grows older and takes on new roles. She can give us androgynous looks, elegance, high fashion—you name it. 

6. Marsai Martin 

Let’s end this on a high note with another young star who already has years of stylish outfits to awe over. Marsai Martin’s personal style has evolved as she’s gotten older and grown into her own, but colorful statement pieces remain a staple in her wardrobe. Through her past looks, you can tell that she’s still evolving, and we’re certainly here for the ride!



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