Self-Love Day

Ahhh it’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air! Valentine’s Day has always given me an excuse to indulge in all things love and what’s better than loving yourself? Whether you’re hitched, celebrating Galentines, or spending the day with yourself, here are some ideas to get you to feel sexy while practicing self-love on the day of love! In joy! XOXO – CP

Slip Into Something Sexy

Slipping on something soft and sexy can always be for you and you only…unless you’d like to share with someone special. I love putting on a sexy matching lingerie set. It just gives me a little boost to feel super sexy and confident whenever I need to! So I’m encouraging you to do the same on this Valentine’s Day. I’ve even picked out a few little sets that I love!


Something about lighting a candle, incense, spraying my favorite scent in the air, or putting perfume on my skin makes me feel so sensual. So I suggest you take a moment to delve into your favorite scents and let the aroma fill the air. Really pause and take them in. Scents have a powerful way of calming and relaxing the body. Some of my favorite scents are Rose Oil, Lemon, and Lavender. You can also check out my favorite perfumes I mention here.

Bubble Bath Time

In today’s time with so much going on, I feel most of us are accustomed to taking stand-up showers. While those are super relaxing, I love it when I’m able to run the bath and take time to sit in a soak. But adding bubbles is a must! There’s something so classic about sitting in a tub full of bubbles either solo or doubled-up. So go grab your favorite bubble bath mix and hop in the tub and allow the love to flow!

Cooking with Love

There’s something about cooking that, for me, feels so good! It really brings me joy to create something tasty that others will love. Those beautiful smells that fill the air and combine to make something delicious always make me feel super grown and sexy. Why not stay in a cook a delicious pasta meal and let your tastebuds set sail on the wings of love!

Sensual Dance-time

Ahhh music can be the key to it all. Sometimes I love to put on Tango or Bossa Nova music, primarily when I’m cooking but other times, it’s fun to allow the music to play throughout my home. Those sounds are so romantic and potent that I can’t help but swing and move my hips to it, next thing I know I’m dancing away in my living room and it’s so much fun! Seriously, go to youtube or your streaming service of choice and find some non-lyrical vibe music to move to. Dancing is medicine to the soul, so get to moving! Also, your chakras will be so happy!

And there you have it! These are just a few ways to conjure up love for yourself and others during this Valentine’s Day! So let go, relax, and let the love flow!



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