A Commitment to Self-Care and Avoiding Burnout

Here we are, sailing through the dawn of the New Year, and I’ve hit the ground running, busy as ever. Towards the end of last year, I made a conscious decision to enlist the help of a life coach. Though I’ve sought guidance before, this time around, I felt the need for a fresh perspective, particularly in navigating some career crossroads that have been occupying my thoughts.

Working with my coach has been enlightening. We delve into various aspects of my life where a mindset shift could make a difference. Self-care has emerged as a focal point of our discussions. Despite being a staunch advocate for self-care—meditating daily, practicing yoga thrice a week, indulging in occasional massages—my commitments to the Michael’s Daughter Foundation and The In Trive have gradually encroached upon my personal time. Even now, as I write this, I’m reminding myself to step away from the screen and call it a day. My coach continually reinforces the importance of staying true to my self-care routines and exploring new ones. One practice we’ve been honing is the 4-fold breath technique: inhaling for 4 counts, holding for 4, exhaling for 4, holding for 4, and repeating.

Simple yet impactful practices like these help realign me and recharge my batteries. As I approach the possibilities of this new year, I’m mindful not to burn out. Reflecting on the past, I’ve had to confront aspects of myself prone to people-pleasing and workaholism. I ask myself, when all is said and done, do I want to have truly lived life, or merely existed? It might sound dramatic, but it’s a real consideration. Amidst my ventures, with their organizing and strategizing demands, self-care remains at the forefront, carving out essential time to nurture my mind, body, and soul. And I urge you to do the same!

So take a moment to consider ways to practice some daily self-care routines, like the 4-fold breath or even going as far as to work with a life coach to identify the best ones for you. Either way, I’d love to hear all about them. Leave a comment below and let us know what works for you!


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