Celebrating Chapter 36

As I noted, last week was my birthday! Yay! I was able to share a few words of my thoughts on turning 36. You can read it here. However, I wanted to pivot a little bit and switch gears to let you in on how I celebrated my 36th birthday since I love sharing my experiences with you in hopes that you can try them out and enjoy them as well! So here we go!

The Self Realization Nature Walk

Since COVID is still a major factor in our lives and has the potential to affect my employment opportunities, I’ve been making it a point since 2020 to keep any celebrations intimate and outdoors. One in the near future, I look forward to gathering with friends and family but for now, I must stay safe and smart. So this year for my bday I decided to get grounded and in tune. I’ve always been drawn to nature, whether it be the beach, a hiking trail, or camping out in the woods. Being barefoot and touching the earth has always been satisfying to me. So for my birthday, it was only best to find a place to take in Mother Earth’s gifts and get quiet. 

Aaron and I were looking for quiet places to expand our nature tours. We go to a local hiking trail all of the time but sometimes we want a change of pace and scenery. So we did some research and came across a Self Realization Fellowship garden. It’s a shrine curated by Paramahansa Yogananda who was a well renowned spiritual teacher. His book Autobiography of a Yogi is a well-beloved book amongst spiritual leaders, innovators such as Steve Jobs, and many celebrities.

We decided to give it a go and I must say it is simply gorgeous! It’s located in Malibu, not too far from the beach. Its unassuming entrance surprises you as you enter the big wooden gate. I should mention here, you must RSVP before attending and arriving on time, or else the gates will be closed and you can’t enter. 

A photo Aaron and I snuck in a quiet hidden area.

As I walked around in quiet reflection my heart just felt so big. I was in a state of just pure gratitude and bliss. Aaron and I enjoyed it so much and honestly…I didn’t want to leave. The shrine is built primarily for silent reflection and mediation. Cellphone use is highly discouraged as the employees ask that visitors limit the need for social media photo ops and use the time to disconnect and be present. Halting all electric usage keeps this place in high vibrations and allows you to zen out. I loved it there and will definitely be back.

Dinner With My Boo at Shojin

Photo taken by Chi at Shojin Restaurant

After our walk, we headed over to our Shojin restaurant. It is all plant-based and all gluten-free Japanese restaurant with the most amazing original dishes. The food is sooooo delicious, you must try it out if you’re ever in Culver City or DTLA.

We opted to sit out back on the patio. Chi was such a great server as she walked us through the menu and ensured that we stayed warm. When it came to our dishes we went a little full out. We were very hungry! 

We started with some appetizers that consisted of Panfried Potstickers, Pumpkin Croquettes, and Crispy Potat ”O” Fish. 

Our main course was all sushi! We delighted in the Baked Crab-Cake Handroll, Dynamite, Dragon, and Rainbow Rolls. Oh my goodness, they were all so delicious! 

For dessert, we had our share of not one but two Matcha Green Teacakes. I seriously wish I would have taken an extra one home!  

Reiki Massage

A few days later, I decided to treat myself to a massage and some energy healing. I stumbled upon Angel City Healing after searching on Yelp! This place had some wonderful reviews and so I decided to give them a go. My goodness, my massage was amazing and I now wish I would have booked a 90-minute massage instead of an hour. After my massage, I was taken on an energy healing journey for a 1-hour cranial-sacral reiki session. all I can say is, Wow! Afterward, I felt so aligned and slept so solid that night!

That’s how I celebrated my 35th-36th revolution around the sun! I’m very hopeful and excited about this chapter. 35 was fun, but 36, girl, let’s get it! 

The Michael’s Daughter Foundation

Also just a heads up, I’m raising funds for The Michael’s Daughter Foundation, my non-profit organization that helps families impacted by the incarceration of a loved one. I invite you to consider making a birthday donation by visiting www.MichaelsDaughter.org



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