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With all of the heartbreaking headlines over the last few weeks surrounding senseless gun violence, we wanted to take a moment to remind you that it’s okay to:

Keep the families in your thoughts and prayers

Hold a moment of silence

Be angry

Be sad

Turn off the news

Stop scrolling

Feel helpless

Search for ways to hop into action

All of the above feelings and actions are ok. And if you’re seeking to be of service, here are some ways you can help the families affected by these tragedies and hopefully help bring solutions to the bigger issue at hand. 

In a post shared by Kerry Washington, she detailed the following ways to be of service:

Resources for Families

Victim First’s GoFundMe goes directly to the families of the victims

Blood Donations

If you can, donate blood to help supplement survivors of the shooting

Legal Services

Volunteer attorneys to offer free legal services to victims’ families and survivors

Support Gun Safety Orgs

Everytown For Gun Safety @everytown

Gun Safety Alliance @gunsafetyalliance

Moms Demand Action @momsdemand

Gifford’s Courage @giffordscourage

We’ve Added the Following Ways to Support:


Your vote is so powerful. Take a moment to review and research dates for your region’s upcoming elections.  Research those candidates and their stance on gun violence.

You can also go a step further to call their offices and inquire about their stances. PBS recently conducted a survey of all United States Senators and their stance on gun violence. You can read that article here.

Additional Organizations

Students Demand Action

March For Our Lives

Life Camp

By coming together and supporting these missions and efforts, it is our hope that we can collectively begin to start making some change. We understand that sometimes change is slow but we have faith that it can happen.

With Sincere Love,

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