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This month is National Mental Health Awareness Month and here at The In Trive we want to help you find ways to tune-up and manage your mental health. Mental Health Awareness has been a big topic of discussion over the last few years, due in part to social media and the COVID-19 Pandemic. What I find so beautiful about discussing mental health awareness is that it allows people to see that they aren’t alone in their challenges with depression, insecurity, and other mental health challenges.

Keeping it all the way real here, I’ve had some up and downs over the past few months. As an actress, I find that creating balance and checking in with my mental health is key while navigating the entertainment industry. It can be challenging at times dealing with the rejection, society’s pressures of what women should look like, and the ongoing social media comparisons that make any question their life. So I wanted to share some simple tools here that I’ve found helpful when I need to get out of a slump. Have a read below and feel free to share which one resonates with you!

Getting Out Ahead of it

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So one thing I’ve created is a list of all the little things that bring a smile to my face. I keep it in a google doc and visit it when I want to find something on there to cheer me up. You can create this too! Just start by listing your favorite things or activities that can instantly get you out of a funk. For example, I’ve listed my favorite songs, favorite pick-me-up snack (dark chocolate or a cup cookie), my favorite flowers, youtube animal videos, etc. Whenever I feel like I need a quick dopamine kick, I peek at my list and do or grab one of those things. 9 times out of 10, it works.

Hearing Someone Else’s Story

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This isn’t about comparing your circumstances to someone else and invalidating your feelings. Rather it’s the opposite. I like to pick up an autobiography of someone I admire or someone I find intriguing. When I get swept away in their story I quickly learn just how resilient we are as human beings. It makes me see that if someone can get through their darkest moments, so can I. It’s also very beautiful to hear someone share about those moments when they are on the other side of it because it can really spark hope and inspiration to see them share it from a triumphant place. So feel free to visit your local book store, Amazon, Audible or even Youtube and find someone who you admire and hear their story. It’ll give you fuel to keep going.

Align With Your Higher Self

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This may sound out there for some but hopefully, you understand where I’m coming from here. Whenever I’m in the trenches of low emotion, I try to tap into my higher self, my future self, my creator. I ask them for guidance and ways to help me gain a bigger perspective on the situation. I also ask for little signs and clues that everything will be and is alright. Often times I ask for a butterfly or hummingbird. Sometimes within a few days, I’m surrounded by the sight of butterflies and hummingbirds that I can’t help but smile and know that all is well. Try taking moment to sit still and speak to that inner guidance. Share how you’re feeling and ask for help in seeing the light in this situation. Sometimes I close out those moments by listening to a gospel song or dancing it out to get the energy flowing.

Connect With A Good Friend

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Sometimes when I’m feeling low, it’s super easy to isolate and mentate on all of the seemingly bad things that are going on. But all of that goes away when I hop on the phone with a good friend. Before long, all the things that were plaguing seem to disappear through laughter and great memories of the past. You don’t need 20 or 50 friends, just that one person who you enjoy speaking to and that can help open your eyes and put a smile on your face.

Treat Your Inner Child With Love and Care

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There’s a lot of discussion about inner child work on social media with a lot of tools to help alleviate painful past experiences. Sometimes when you’re feeling down, revisiting those moments can be really hard. Instead of trying to tap into those wounds of the inner child, I love just taking some time to give that inner child a treat. Things, like watching my favorite Disney movie from when you were a kid, or getting a scoop of ice cream, or cuddling with a pillow, are ways to be tender with your inner child. Allot an hour or two in a day and shower that little you with love. Be sure to tell yourself and your little self how much you love them and finish it off with a self-hug. It’ll feel so good! Sidenote: If you’re planning to revisit past wounds by doing inner child work, I would highly recommend doing it with a professional. That way someone can be there to guide you and hold your hand during the process.

Give Yourself a High-Five!

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No seriously, high-five yourself! You’ve made it this far and it’s time to acknowledge that! Mel Robbins recently published The High 5 Habit and she talks about the importance of giving yourself a high-five even when you’re feeling crummy. Why? There are so many scientific and behavioral reasons why this simple act works, like for example, you are giving yourself validation of cheer by recognizing that you’ve shown up for yourself. So go to the mirror and give yourself a high-five! Do it often and see how it changes your mood!

There you have it. These are just a few little tips that I have found helpful for my mental health. If you are going through a slump, take a moment to try out these. And if you are experiencing deeper challenging situations, please take a moment to seek help and guidance from a professional. There are many resources out there. One of which is Better Help which provides online counseling services. You are not alone on this journey and I see a bright beautiful thriving journey ahead for you! Sending you big hugs! Xoxo – CP

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