Manifesting Magic: Eddie Liu & Ciera Payton | Landing Your Dream Role

The In Trive
The In Trive
Manifesting Magic: Eddie Liu & Ciera Payton | Landing Your Dream Role

Eddie Liu IG: @eddieliuwho

🌟 Hey everyone! Welcome back to 'The In Trive Talks' with your host, Ciera Payton – actress, podcast enthusiast, and the CEO behind The In Trive. 🎬

In today's episode, we're super excited to chat with Eddie Lui, an incredible American actor known for his charismatic roles and vibrant career. 🌈

🎭 What's in Store for You:

– The Art of Manifestation: Eddie and I dive into the powerful practices of manifesting your dream roles in the acting world.

– Personal Stories of Success: Get inspired by our journey and the moments that led us to our dream roles.

– Practical Tips & Tricks: We're spilling our secrets on how you can harness the power of manifestation to elevate your career.

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