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A few years ago, I was introduced to new ways of elevating my skincare routine. Yes there are an array of products out there but in my quest to be a little more conscious and cautious on what goes on my face, I wanted to find more natural alternative skincare lines. 

Around this time I had met my makeup artist friend Priya Maharaj. She does my makeup on The Oval for my character Lilly. Priya was tasked with finding some products that would work well with my skin and still provide the camera-ready look. Some of you may know, I have serious sensitive skin and have gone through years of trial and error, allergy testing, and money to find the right products that work for my skin. Priya then introduced a few natural skincare brands such as Laurel Skin and the one I’ll be highlighting here, Lil Fox, along with some others (including her very own, MAHA Skin Therapy). I instantly fell in love with all of them! And so, my skincare routine was indeed elevated! 

Although there are a few natural skincare brands that I use and love, I wanted to take a moment to highlight Lil Fox. 

Founded by Alexis Rose, this skincare line offers pure ingredients inspired by the natural care beauty regime fit for queens who indulge in their senses. 

On their website, they describe their process and brand as:

“….measured, yet wild. We blend organic oils, unrefined butters, rare earth clays and high vibration hydrosols with aromatic essential oils, moon-charged crystals and vibrant plant energies. Then we elevate our plant potions with generous concentrations of clinically proven actives that enhance the potency and performance of the formula. This is the intersection of clean beauty, exceptional botanicals, beyond-the-imagination portions of lab actives, and out of the ordinary aromatics and textures. This is more than what you might discover in prescription skincare. This is Intelligent Skin Couture.”

Intelligent Skin Couture indeed! 

My two favorite products are the SEABUCK + NEROLI Nourishing Face Nectar

serum and the AMAZON AFTER DARKMelty Jungle Cleansing Balm. The runner up is the PRICKLY PEAR Illuminating Face Nectar, which smells so yummy! 

I particularly LOVE the Seabuck + Neroli serum, because anytime I sense a little pimple about to form or my skin is feeling dry or sensitive to something, there’s some kind of magic that this serum provides that makes my skin calm down over night and produces a fresh glow. 

Here’s a description from their website about the product:

Highly concentrated Co2 extract of sea buckthorn repairs dry damaged skin. Seabuckthorn extract is rich in provitamin-A, an essential component of the skin’s repair function. It conditions the skin, boosts firmness and elasticity while improving the appearance of fine lines, scars, and sun damage without irritation. Essential oils of Tunisian neroli, rosey palmarosa, and sparkling pink grapefruit uplift the senses.

Next up is The Amazon After Dark Cleansing Balm is also something special! It melts any and all traces of makeup, no matter how light or heavy. And leaves a fresh clean, moisturized face. I love it. Learn more about the Amazon After Dark Cleansing Balm below:

This luxurious treatment gel balm softens and soothes as it thoroughly cleanses with  mood-shifting aromatics and purifying plant butters. 

Get a deep, pore-clearing cleanse with maracuja, murumuru , cupuacu and babassu. Exfoliate and balance oil with white willow bark and hibiscus. Plump with Amazonian lily, camellia and kakaudu plum for a supple appearance. Notes of Madagascan rose geranium linger on the skin to ease tension. Just add a splash of water to transform the butter to a rinsable cleansing milk for clean skin and light, nourishing moisture before your second cleanse. No cloth required!

Lastly but certainly not least, the Prickly Pear serum. It is super lightweight but really helps to get rid of dark spots and tightens the skin. It’s definitely worth the splurge! Read more about it below. 

Instantly brighten and even skin tone while providing just the right amount of moisture. A luxuriously potent and exquisite addition to your skincare arsenal. With a natural composition of 85% naturally occurring Vitamin E and 60% omega 6 linoleic acid, this Liquid Silk formula instantly improves skin’s overall appearance while soothing and balancing inflammation.  

Nourishing, Revitalizing and infused with Brazilian Tourmaline cleansed under the light of a full moon.

These are just three products I’m sharing with you, but Alexis’ Lil Fox has an array of amazing products. The masks are so luxurious that you feel like you’re being treated by the Moon herself. Lil Fox also has lovely tools that help to apply the products with ease. All of which make this brand one of my go-tos for all things skincare. 

Check out Lil Fox!



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