Warm Reishi Mushroom Tea Drink

Have you used mushrooms in your recipes and drinks before? Typically, green and vegan recipes often use them as a major ingredient.  Whether you’ve done it previously or not, you shouldn’t miss out on the reishi mushrooms. 

In their original shape, they’re soft and you can find them on logs. Their caps are a blend of red and brown, and they resemble the shape of kidneys. You can prepare various drinks from reishi mushrooms, but let’s start with a basic tea recipe.


Water and dried reishi mushrooms – it’s as simple as that!

The amount of mushrooms you choose depends on you. Although, here’s a recommended ratio: is For every 5 grams of the dried reishis, you use at least 4 to 5 cups of water. 

(The recipe includes prolonged boiling, hence a lot of water is required.)

Steps to make the warm reishi mushroom tea drink

Step 1: Take a pot and set the water to boil as you would generally do for tea. It’s ideal to use a ceramic or stainless steel vessel as this recipe has a long boiling process!

Step 2: Put in the mushrooms and leave them to simmer for 2 hours approximately. This long time period is required for the molecules to loosen up, so you can obtain the medicinal benefits.

Step 3: Once it’s done, strain the mixture and put it aside for cooling. Of course, don’t leave it for too long, otherwise it would be a ‘cold’ reishi mushroom drink rather than a ‘warm’ one!

You can drink the tea once it suits your preferred heat intensity. You can also repeat the above process as many times as you want if you don’t like the bitter taste of your drink.

Pro-tip: Don’t like how your reishi tea tastes? Here’s another tip instead of boiling: Add a sweetener like honey or even something like ginger. You can also try an alternate recipe like the reishi mushroom chocolate – but let’s save that one for later!

Health benefits of the reishi mushroom

And so, the reishi mushrooms can be used for making various recipes. Regardless of the form or the drink they’re used for, you can be sure of the benefits these tiny substances have to offer you:

  • Do you have high blood pressure issues? The reishi mushroom tea drink will help keep it low and balanced.
  • Protects the body from harmful tumors.
  • Resists dangerous infections, thus also guarding against life-threatening diseases.
  • Maintains blood sugar levels, protecting you from diabetes and similar diseases.

Since it’s a drink, you can have it twice to thrice in a day without worrying about going overboard. However, it’s best to start off with minimum intake to avoid triggering any unexpected stomach reactions or allergies you may have. Here are some other reactions and conditions you need to look out for.

So as long as it’s safe for you to have the warm reishi mushroom tea, go for it. And let me know what you think of this amazing medicinal drink!



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