Your 2021/2022 Capricorn Reading

Capricorn season always promises to deliver luxurious vibes, and with Venus retrograding in our favorite money-making sign– 2021’s Cap season is sure not to disappoint. When the Sun moves out of Sagittarius and into Capricorn on December 21st, the energy around our money, career, and materials is gonna be under heavy construction. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn which represents work, limitations, and the consistency necessary for people to achieve their goals. Because Capricorn is cardinal and therefore active by nature, their go-getter attitude is hard to ignore. They channel their boss energy to fulfill their fundamental desire as an earth sign: stability. 

This Capricorn season has a lot in store for the signs; it commands all of us to get our minds right. With Venus retrograding in Capricorn during the entirety of Cap season, there’s a heavy emphasis on commitment- whether that be to our personal wellness, financial goals, or career prospects. It’s time to buckle down and lay down the foundations for all the prosperity the collective is receiving at the end of 2021 as we move into 2022. Here’s a quick horoscope with a rundown on what the signs can expect this Cap season:

Aries: You may find that you’re the most equipped for all the changes Capricorn season is bringing about this year! Your natural love for all things fresh and new urges you to make changes to usher in the new year; this Cap season is the perfect time for you to animate that energy with the consistency that promises true transformation. 

Taurus: Your ruling planet Venus is going to be retrograde and you might find yourself feeling off-balance this Cap season. Take a break from hedonism; grounding yourself through healing practices and meditation can change the game for you these next couple of weeks. 

Gemini: Connecting with old friends can reveal the growth you’ve done this year. This Capricorn season is revealing some of the fruits of your labor; use that as motivation against your unpredictable attitude. 

Cancer: This Capricorn season will help animate the cardinal energy for your sign! You may have found comfort in familiarity this year, but now’s the time to question if your current situation is meeting your needs. 

Leo: You may find yourself putting your pride aside to make the changes you’ve been looking forward to this Capricorn season. This fixed fire sign might have to temporarily humble themselves in order to reach their goals over these next few weeks. Lay low until you’re ready to shine again.

Virgo: This Capricorn season requires work that you may already have integrated in your life. If you’ve been overworking yourself or struggling with negative self-talk, take lots of time to show yourself care. Enjoy yourself and the process; the time spent between achievements is important for your wellness.

Libra: The time you spend with family and friends this month is an opportunity to show up as yourself. Your ruling planet retrograding might make you feel like more of an air-head than an air sign, even though this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Focus on understanding who you are and making your authenticity visible.

Scorpio: If you’ve been feeling stuck in your ways or trapped this year, this Capricorn season is the perfect opportunity for your Martian-Plutonian energy to reveal what needs to change. Lean into the vulnerability and be honest with yourself. 

Sagittarius: Completing projects that you started can boost your morale and help prove what you’re capable of this Cap season. The world knows how creative your sign is; this is the best time to show it. 

Capricorn: The spotlight you’re going to be in for the next couple of weeks is a rare novelty for you. Your ruling planet Saturn has finally left your sign and entered Aquarius which may inspire you to show more of yourself to the collective. It’s time to reveal your vision and make yourself available for the praise you deserve!

Aquarius: Your appreciation for people can leave you feeling overwhelmed this holiday season. Activate that typical fixed sign of stubbornness to hold your boundaries and enjoy yourself over these next couple of weeks. 

Pisces: Take this time to remove the cycles from your life. There is no better time for this otherworldly sign to put down roots for the life they truly desire. Practice radical accountability; it’s time to make your dreams a reality. 



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