Are you checking with YOU during the holiday?

Ever since the pandemic took over the world, we’ve all been struggling in our ways. I realized that I wasn’t used to spending time with myself and taking care of my needs. And with the holiday season here, I’d been feeling the same. 

So I said to myself:

The holidays mean pure bliss; it doesn’t matter how busy your schedule is. Self-care should always be on your checklist!

6 tips for checking with you during the holiday season 2021

Checking in on yourself doesn’t have to be complicated. You only need to tone down any activities filling up your schedule. 

Here is a self-care holiday checklist that I follow!

1. Taking a break from social media

Yes, we all know that social media helps us stay in touch with our loved ones. But if you find yourself scrolling and comparing your holidays to that of others, it’s a huge sign you need a social media detox. The best way to do this is to either deactivate your account or simply delete the apps for a certain period you find comfortable. 

If that isn’t a choice, just limit the time you use social media. I particularly find half an hour good enough!

2. Sleeping well and eating healthy

If you’re like me, you may have been overworking. Whether it’s for your job or even doing house chores around the house, don’t forget that resting is essential, especially sleeping on time. An all-nighter may seem harmless at first, but it can damage your physical and mental health in the long run. 

The same goes for your diet. Don’t consume junk food too much and keep the alcohol at a minimum. Drink sufficient amounts of water: neither too little nor too much!

3. Practicing meditation and mindfulness

Do you often find yourself contemplating the same situation again and again? I do, and in fact, I overthink about the future as well. It’s pretty normal for everyone, and staying grounded in the present can be rather tricky. 

Here are a few techniques to try out:

  • Close your eyes and focus on the sounds you can hear
  • If you find yourself overthinking and full of thoughts, detangle your mind by writing it all down
  • Listen to slow and peaceful music, allowing it to carry you away
  • Place some scented candles or reed diffusers around you to calm your nerves

You can also set a separate minimal space to practice mindfulness!

4. Working out and going for a walk

When the pandemic was at its extreme, I would often find myself lying around and doing nothing. While it’s completely okay to be idle at times, you should never stay in one place for too long. 

Even if you can’t go out, practice jogging in one place or move around in the comfort of your own home. Otherwise, there’s nothing better than going for a walk at sunrise or sunset; take your pet along too if you have one!

5. Planning a budget

Financial wellness has a lot to do with self-care. If you still have Christmas shopping to do, set aside a particular amount that you can spend on yourself and your loved ones. Don’t overspend on decorating the home, buying fashionable products, or gifting – be realistic and avoid the risk of financial strain.

6. Practicing gratitude

Practicing gratitude has been essential to me this year. I learned that ordinary things can count a lot. Be thankful for everything you have, write about it, or talk about it with a friend. Make talking about your blessings a habit and you’ll find yourself much happier and less anxious about the future.

And so…

All in all, remember to take things easy. Never force yourself to do something you’re not fond of! The modern culture may glamorize being busy but it’s not necessary to be occupied at all times. After all, how can you even breathe peacefully if you’re not investing in your self-care? 

Happy self-care for the holiday season!


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