Food for Thought: Food Just Makes Everything Better

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Food. It is one of the most – if not the most – essential things that we all need in order to live, thrive, and connect. I find food endlessly fascinating, and I’m constantly in search of new ways that food can heal and connect us. As a New Orleanian, partially raised in Mississippi, and a vegan of six years, I can say with confidence that food, identity, and culture have all gone hand in hand throughout my entire life.

We New Orleanians know food, and it is a constant source of decadence and connection for us. We’re often known for talking about food around the clock, whether we’re pondering and declaring what we’ll be eating for breakfast or having lunch while looking forward to our delicious dinner. Then, at dinner, we get back to wondering what amazing breakfast we might have tomorrow. (Beignets, hopefully!)

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