Survival Guide for Mercury Retrograde and other Events this Season

What’s Happening

This season of astrology has people wondering what they can expect from the start of 2022; however, the whirlwind of astrological events promises to deliver the unexpected. Mercury goes retrograde on Friday, January 14th and ends on February 3rd.  Mercury retrograde starts in the clever sign of Aquarius, but moves into the practical Capricorn on January 25th. 

Aquarius is the humanitarian sign of the zodiac, known for using their visionary prowess to transform the world into a better place. Mercury retrograding in this sign can cause people to reevaluate their friendships and personal progress. This is important because the Venus retrograde in Capricorn that started in December of 2021 prompted everyone to think about their personal abundance and if that aligned with their career goals. 

What is Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury is the planet closest to the sun. This can be a difficult time for some because Mercury rules over the thoughts, coordination, and communication of a person. Having that destabilized is associated with communication issues, minor injuries, and car problems. That being said, Mercury retrograde hits rewind on our minds so that we can reprocess everything going on in our world, and better find our place in it. 

Mercury retrograde happens multiple times a year, but this one is special in that it’s a part of a series of astrological events that indicate a period of transformation. The Venus retrograde in Capricorn prompted thoughtfulness about the resources and work it would take to achieve one’s goals. 

The Mercury retrograde prompts thoughtfulness about whether or not those goals even represent one’s core desires, what they want to contribute to the world, or if our future reality can even support them. With the United States’ Pluto return foreshadowing major collective transformation, we find ourselves haphazardly structuring our lives to fit an unpredictable future. 

How can I get the best of this transit?

Recognize that you have a secret weapon: Jupiter in Pisces. Jupiter is the planet of luck, wealth, growth, and spirituality. This is the guardian angel of the planets and represents the part of life people are naturally abundant. Jupiter has the property of expanding the qualities of whatever it is being associated with, and is known as the great benefic. Jupiter is the traditional ruler of the dreamy, creative sign of Pisces; it is completely at home in this transit. 

The Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius is more approachable than others because of the qualities of Aquarius itself. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, responsible for revolution and innovation; the reason why that is can be found in Greco-Roman tradition. The Greek equivalent of Uranus is Ouranos, the physical embodiment of the heavens. 

This planet represents an eccentric and revolutionary approach to complete transformation- for the goal of creating a heaven that is shared among people. Because of this, we can understand this Uranian Mercury Retrograde as a nudge towards creating heaven for ourselves in our daily lives. All of this is fueled by the Jupiter in Pisces, which helps to catapult us towards our dreams, and with work, make them come true.



Your ruling planet, Uranus, has stopped retrograding and gone direct so you may find yourself with extra clarity during these next couple of weeks. During this time, practice meditation. This is the absolute best time for you to go within, and make clear plans. You have both the energy and the genius to create anything, take a moment to figure out what that is, and apply structure to it. 


 Your sensitivity to the collective is channeled most productively when you are in community with those you love. This can be very healing for you, and remind you of how much togetherness means to you.  Jupiter is in key houses for Pisceans natal chart,  helping you locate and realize your full potential. Make sure your efforts are consistent and well-planned, pursuing your goals in an organized and deliberate way promises success. 


Do not rush into responsibilities or overbook yourself early in the year. Take a moment to slow down and review your intentions over these next few months. If you’ve found yourself lacking the energy you normally have in excess, rest. 


This fixed sign should focus on giving themselves a stable routine, and dismissing all forms of excessive behavior. Being able to count on yourself to do a tiny ritual for yourself, something as simple as a skincare routine can do wonders for Taureans.


This intense transit can help you hone in on exactly what isn’t working for you in your daily life. This intellectual sign is challenged to revolutionize their lives during this transit, and is one of the best equipped to do so. Your thoughtful disposition and commitment to creativity can provide you opportunities tailored to your liking. 


Your empathetic sign is keenly aware of collective suffering at this time, but do not submit to a defeatist mindset. Your task is to take special care to maintain your wellness practice. You’ve been working hard and getting things done, periodically check in with yourself to make sure you’re not overworked and that your goals still align with your nature. 


The way you attack your goals is admirable, but can become frenzied and cloud your personal judgment. You are an absolute asset to any project you involve yourself in, so make sure those projects are assets to you as well. 


Your ruling planet retrograding can leave this Earth sign feeling extra disoriented; lean into that discomfort and unearth your hidden feelings at this time. Use a journal as a tool to regulate yourself and investigate your true feelings about your day-to-day life. Break down the parts of your routine that are unfruitful or unenjoyable, and rest.


Mercury isn’t the only important planet retrograding for you right now; Venus is as well. At this time focus on grounding yourself and feeling connected to your every pursuit. Practicing presence and truly participating in each day is crucial, because your ruling planet retrograding may leave you disoriented. 


This transit encourages the collective to let go of the fears and situations that do not serve them; this fixed sign may have more than other signs to let go of. Scorpios, understand that all that holds space in your life but does not help you, takes away room for the things that will. Embrace change, and watch the transformation you long for unfold. 


Your optimistic attitude and mutable nature have got your metaphorical suitcase pretty empty, and with Jupiter in your modality you’re feeling energized for the future. Things may be going well, but make sure you’re taking time to learn all the necessary materials for your chosen pursuit. Practice careful consideration, and attack your goals with consideration of the details. 


You’ve had a lot going on these past couple of weeks and you’ll be in the spotlight again once Mercury moves into your sign. You have been achieving things and applying the consistency necessary to succeed. Make sure your personal values are represented in the achievements you’re aiming for. This way, all the winning you’re going to be doing will be aligned with your highest self. 



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