Top 3 Issa Rae’s Looks For The Girl Next Door

Although Issa Rae’s hit series, Insecure has sadly come to an end after 5 seasons, it’s never too late to join the bandwagon of Insecure supporters. However, there are two things we can all agree on: Issa’s mind and style are unconventional and iconic!

Issa didn’t just write her show but also directed and played the role of the protagonist. A relatable girl who is trying to navigate building a successful brand while dealing with having feelings for her ex-boyfriend. Although there is so much to learn about her character, what we will be focusing on are her fashion choices.

A perfect combo of simple, easy, and provocative, Issa’s outfits are relatable and fun. Here are a few of our favorites;

A Black and White Dress

A black dress is undoubtedly a must-have and this specific number is a force to reckon with. Every detail from the cut-out to the fact that it is a sleeveless dress is perfect. We love how the white fabric accentuates the cut-out and captures everyone’s attention. 

Issa might have worn this dress in Season 2 of the series, but it’s trendy, fashionable, and timeless. So, if you’ve been thinking about switching up the dresses in your wardrobe, consider shopping this number.

Red Cut-out Blazer

This memorable scene was made even more unforgettable with this cut-out blazer. Stylish, chic, and edgy, Issa pairs it with denim pants and heels for a casual look. However, you can always switch gears and make it yours. Almost everything works with a blazer, especially if it looks like this.

Whether you prefer a short skirt or leather pants, it’ll be a great fit. Add a pair of sneakers to the mix and you will turn heads every time you step into a building.

Green Plaid Set

Two-piece pants set are versatile, fashion-forward, and have been in trend for a minute. And if you’ve been thinking about the perfect style for you, maybe you should consider Issa’s. Something is stunning about the checkered pattern mixed with the different shades of green.

This color works brilliantly with her skin tone and we believe it would do the same for others. What’s even more amazing is how versatile this piece can be. You can decide to wear the pants and top separately or pair them with heels or sneakers. That would be great for formal and casual settings respectively.

Overall, Issa may be a brilliant writer and actor but she also has an amazing and versatile sense of style. The way she moves between glamorous and simple styles is amazing and it makes her even more relatable. 

Didn’t see your favorite outfit by Issa on our list? Let us know which is your favorite!


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