The Lilly Winthrop Makeup Tutorial

To celebrate the return of Season 2 of The Oval, I decided to share the Lilly Winthrop Makeup Tutorial! For all of the fans out there that follow The Oval on BET, this post is for you! As some of you may know, I play Lilly Winthrop, (fashion designer and wife to the Chief of Staff) on Tyler Perry’s The Oval. Here I’m sharing with you what makeup artist Priya Maharaj uses to create Lilly’s signature look! Check it out below!

For Season Two, Priya created a bolder look for Lilly. In Season One, Lilly was a bit demure, wearing more nude color lipsticks. This season, since Lilly has wised up and is taking more chances, we decided to go a little bolder.

  1. Pat McGrath Sublime Perfection Foundation in colors 15 & 17 – apply on top of your daily moisturizer using either a brush, beauty blender, or your hands.
  2. MUD Blue Corrector in #3 – pat a little bit onr the dark undereye circles or on any dark spots. A little of this goes a long way so use wisely.
  3. Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Concealer in color Warm Honey – conceal under eyes by blending this on top of your corrector. This stuff is so smooth and has minimal creasing. I love it!
  4. Chanel Mascara Le Volume De Chanel in color Noir – You know what to do here! However in a later post, I’ll share with you how I (un)curl my lashes in order to make them not smudge and look fuller and longer.
  5. Dual Magnetic Lashes with Magnetic Liner – These little things have saved me so many times. Here’s the thing, lash glue and I don’t get along often, so when they created magnetic lashes I knew they were the best fit for me. I particulary love to use these lashes becuase when you’re acting dramatic scenes that evoke tears and lots of eye expressions, you need something that will for sure stay in place and not need constant upkeep on set. These things just work and stay in place all day without any adjustments.
    • Priya and I first go with the magnetic eyeliner, then apply the mascara. Next, we put the lop lash on first, folled by the bottom. Starting out, it can helpful to have an extra hand, but not neccessary. Just be patient and take your time with applying them. Once you get the hang of it, they’ll be on in a flash!
  6. Anastasia Brow Wiz in color Medium Brown – Light strokes in the brows are key with this magic brow pencil. We tend to go a little heavier for TV so the brows can help accentuate the emotion of Lilly.
  7. Tartelette In Bloom Eyeshadow Palette using colors Flower Child, Jetsetter, and Activist – Priya goes in and does her magic here usually combining these colors to give Lilly that matted but shimmering eyelook.
  8. Charlotte Tilbury Blush in color Ecstacy – Priay usually has me do a big smile and then lightly taps this gorgeous blush on top of my cheeks. It’s a beautiful color with a little bit of shimmer mixed in.
  9. Laura Mercier Transluscent Powder – Making sure to avoid any shiny spots on screen, Priya blots a bit of this powder all along my T-Zone, undereyes and any needed areas. S
  10. Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in color Walk of No Shame – As mentioned above, Priya and I talked about Lilly making a bolder statement on Season Two. So Priya decided to use this beautiful Berry Rose color to bring out Lilly’s toughness. We hope it shows!

Try the look for yourself and let me know how it turned out! And don’t forget to tune into BET every Tuesday at 9 pm ET/8 pm Central to catch all-new episodes of The Oval!



Getting Lilly’s makeup applied by Makeup Artist Priya Maharaj


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