The Sha’Carri Effect

The scene is set: a beautiful charismatic young athlete hailing from Texas takes her position on the track. Hair in the color of orange adds extra flair, for when she runs, we all know who it is. A suggestion made by her girlfriend, in order to make her look like a flame as the wind blows past her body.

“I never wanted to settle with just being okay, just being good. I want to make sure that when I leave this sport, that I put everything on the table and that I accomplished everything that I was called to do.”

Sha’Carri Richardson

Within minutes (or rather seconds) her whole life has changed. Being donned the fast woman, by finishing the 100-meter run with a time of 10.86 seconds. Gaining Olympic 2020 qualification and topping it all off with a big ol’ hug from her grandma.

This young woman’s smile is infectious. Her style is so unique and authentic that many struggle to compare it to anyone else’s. She is fast and fierce! A huge inspiration to so many, myself included.

Watching her run brings misty tears to my eyes. She’s the total package and nothing can nor will stand in the way of that. As I watched those moments, I was so overwhelmed with pride for this young woman. She represents so many who are running the race while doing their best to keep a smile on their face.

Yes, we’ve all seen the headlines about her disqualification and all that led up to it. This isn’t a space for discussing that. Because none of it matters. What does matter is that Sha’Carrie is the true definition of a champion. She faces the world head-on, in the same manner, she positions herself as she marks to run. She makes no excuses and just goes the distance. Leaving all of her competitors in the dust.

How can anyone not be truly inspired by that?

Her recent appearance in the Beats By Dre commercial accompanied by Kanye West No Child Left Behind only further proves her inspiring power. As the lyrics sing “He’s done miracles on me,” goosebumps make the hairs on my arms rose as I (and I’m sure anyone else who has followed her story) can plainly see that God has huge plans for this young lady. And it’s a beautiful sight to see.

I truly believe that her story will have a positive effect on the way we view athletes’ mental health. Sometimes, showing the world that you are human is enough. Sometimes just shining and going for it, is enough to cause a ripple in the world. And sometimes not being perfect is enough to be great in someone’s eyes.

Sha’Carri has given me fuel to keep going and keep running my race. That’s the Sha’Carri Effect and it is indeed powerful!

Dear Sha’Carrie, keep doing your thang girl! Keep shining and keep running! Your light is our light and we thank you for it!


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