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If you want to enhance your financial knowledge, the first step is to look into the financial moguls. Also known as Financial influencers, these people have reached the top using specific strategies. This makes them ‘the ones’ who can genuinely help you reach your goal. 

You may question why you should become familiar with these people, given they have already gained their wealth. However, they are the ones who are willing to share their knowledge and help others who have similar aspirations to theirs. Below are the people you should check out before creating your strategy to get rich. 

1. Vivian Tu | Your Rich BFF

Want to get “RICHAF”? Then Vivian Tu is one of the most insightful people on social media you should follow! Best known as Your Rich BFF, her tips are based on her own life experiences, owning everything to how she has worked so hard to the point where she is today. She is the master of tailoring the perfect financial strategy based on the modern-day era and giving you the winning money mindset! The best part? She just launched her Rich AF book that will teach you all about how to tackle high living costs and save money efficiently!

Vivian’s financial experience started on Wall Street, where she had her first New York job. She learned a lot about finances and how to take care of her money. Soon enough, she realized that so many people were pretty reckless with their spending and didn’t know how to save money at all. Therefore, she built a community where she shares tips and strategies for financial wealth. So, regarding financial influencers and their knowledge, she truly is the real BFF.

2. Haley Sacks | Mrs Dow Jones

Stuck between deciding whether to rent or buy a home? Or maybe want to know how to maneuver interests and taxes? Do you wish to know what would be a wise investment? In that case, Haley Sacks should definitely be on your people you follow list! She is one of the first financial influencers, and the CEO of Finance is Cool. Without any exaggeration, Haley is an MVP in the field of finance, and her educational tools are lifesavers! You can easily find her under mrsdowjones.

An interesting thing about Haley is that she has a background in comedy. Namely, her initial plan was a comedy career, but the necessity of financial knowledge has led her on a different path. Once she learned about finances, she decided that she could use her comedy skills to share everything people should know about money. That is why, nowadays, she is one of the most popular financial influencers on Instagram. 

3. Edward Collins | The Financial Freedom Coach

If your goal is to start a successful business but still do not know much about finances, Edward Collins is your guy. With a background in Tax, Estate, and Business Law, edwardcollins_upleveled is your go-to guy if you intend to become an entrepreneur! He can teach you everything there is to know regarding money and law. Starting your own business is definitely not an easy task, so if you want to do it right, you need the right guidelines. Lucky for you, Edward Collins shares all his tips and financial strategies on multiple platforms, so following him is a must!

4. Ramit Sethi | Ramit

If you wish to become rich but don’t have the answers to your toughest money questions, Ramit Sethi will undoubtedly be your beacon of hope! Seriously, there is not a financial problem Ramit cannot solve! You can find him as Ramit on his social media accounts. He is also an American author but is worldwide popular as one of the most powerful financial advisers. His book, I Will Teach You to Be Rich, has gained international recognition for a good reason. Inside, you can find literally every necessary tip you need for financial growth. Moreover, Ramit founded, a website with in-depth financial information. If you are interested in becoming rich, this is a person you can rely on!

If you are reading this blog, you must be getting serious in the financial field, so following such prominent experts is crucial! We have given you the best of the best, so do not waste another minute without learning something important! Also, do not forget to mention that The In Trive led you to them!

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