Holiday Parenting Hacks

Since the holidays are right around the corner, it’s a good idea to prepare in advance. If you are a parent of young children and teens, you will need all the parenting hacks you can get to avoid the stress of the holiday festivities. Everyone wants to enjoy this special time, and you surely deserve it! 

Eager to help you out, we have come up with some tips that can come in handy. Don’t spend another Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, or New Year’s celebration being all stressed out. Having children doesn’t mean you should be a victim of holiday craziness. You just need the right tricks, and you will get to enjoy your festivities properly!

Parenting Tips for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Gathering

If you have decided to go for a classic Thanksgiving dinner, these tips are your best chance to survive the holidays. Using the right parenting hacks will ensure an idyllic and memorable atmosphere- just like you’ve always imagined. Without further ado, let us explore them below! 

  • Prepare Everything in Advance

Creating a plan in advance will help you avoid headaches. This means you should create a menu, think about all the ingredients you need, and look for everything you may need ahead of time. You don’t want to go last-minute shopping with your children, especially if they are young! 

  • Set Up a Kids’ Table 

Keeping your children engaged may be among the best parenting hacks ever! One way to do that is by creating a kids’ table that will include a bunch of activities they can do on their own. You can supply printable coloring sheets, board games, Thanksgiving or Christmas crafts, etc. There are so many things you can find online you’ll consider a holiday-saver!

  • Include Paper Plates and Cups 

You probably have special tableware for the holiday season, which you don’t want to see ruined. So, consider using paper plates for children to avoid any unpleasant situations. There are many holiday options for cups and plates your kids will love. This can be incredibly convenient if you host a dinner for many people with children.

  • Do Meaningful Activities Together

One way to keep your kids entertained, especially during Christmas and New Year’s Eve, is to do plenty of activities together! This may include writing resolutions, sharing memories by browsing family photo albums, writing wishes in a jar, doing some themed dress-up, and, of course, the foolproof option – having a family movie watch party! An early game night and kid-friendly countdown can also be amazing. In that way, you can continue the festivities after they go to bed.

Parenting Tips for Holiday Travels

Traveling during the holiday season is a great idea. However, being on the road with kids can also get tricky. So, if you decide to travel during Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s, try using some of these tips to avoid any trouble. 

  • Try Starting Your Journey Close to Nap Time 

If you want a calm and stress-free flight or car ride, try to start your journey during nap time. This way, you will know that your children will be calm and asleep for most of the travel time, and you will avoid all the drama that can make you uncomfortable! 

  • Keep Them Entertained 

Ensure your kids have some entertainment to distract them. Bring along some books and mini-games, or even take a tablet. They will keep your child entertained, and you can fully enjoy your trip (at least for the most part). 

Using some of these brilliant parenting hacks can genuinely save your Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s gathering. If your previous holidays have been a real struggle, now you can get the chance to enjoy them! 

If you need ideas for new holiday season recipes, check out our Nourishment page. You might find something new and yummy for the whole family!


Holiday Parenting Hacks

Since the holidays are right around the corner, it’s a good idea to prepare in advance. If you are a parent of young children and

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