Why We Donate

Why We Donate to The Michael’s Daughter Foundation

Running a certain business comes with a lot of benefits – the money, the satisfaction, the feeling of power, and the ability to influence. However, once in a while, we should stop and think about how to give back to society in the most thoughtful manner. That is, you should be more considerate of others, especially those in need and without the same conditions you enjoy.

Being wealthy and successful is a personal achievement, and you have every right to be proud of yourself. But you should not forget about those who have challenges and find a way to share your blessings with others. Contributing to foundations, such as Michael’s Daughter Foundation, is one way to do something good for those in need.

What Is The Michael’s Daughter Foundation About?

Michael’s Daughter was established to provide better conditions for families and youth impacted by incarceration. The foundation aims to grant these families access to enrichment programs to help them work toward a better future. In addition, it works to create a world where members of impacted families will have a chance to develop artistically and earn scholarships. This initiative is near to our founder’s (Ciera Payton) heart because she grew up with an incarcerated parent which was the catalyst for her becoming an actress.

This art foundation is based on the belief that art has the power to awaken your inner self and persuade people to start creating something authentic and unique. This way, these individuals will be able to work on their confidence and sense of accomplishment. Moreover, they will be more likely to achieve their dreams and feel meaningful in their societal roles. 

The Michael’s Daughter Foundation programs include everything related to art and creation, such as plays, writing workshops, monologues, documentaries, short films, etc. These programs are available to Los Angeles communities throughout the year.

How Do We Contribute?

We have started an initiative of donating 1% of our revenue to this particular art foundation. We believe that having a loved one imprisoned can have a major impact on people, especially the younger generation. We stand by our belief that impacted individuals deserve a fair chance to change their future and look toward success rather than failure. They are mere victims of others’ actions, so they have the right to work on themselves regardless of the conditions in which they currently live.

Why Have We Decided on Such a Step?

Our community is all about success and improvement, and we feel obliged to help in a way we find suitable. We also want our audience to know that they are part of everything we do. This means that they are also involved in this humane deed by working with us and purchasing our products. The work we do is not solely for us but for everyone around us.

Donating and helping in any way we can makes us human. Kindness is a person’s best trait, so we should do everything possible to inspire it all around us. Supporting the mission of Michael’s Daughter Foundation is our way of giving back to the community and those who support us while aiding those who can really use help! 

To contribute, check out our Indulge Tab, make a purchase, and help someone today! Also, don’t forget to follow us and @themdfoudation on social media platforms, and never miss out on anything new!


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